While many artists use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their music, many of them are missing a key element in their promotional campaign, email marketing. As an independent musician, I frequently use email to promote my music. Email marketing allows me to effectively communicate with my mailing list and make them aware of any new music I release. In return, I am able to build awareness and brand as an upcoming artist.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing tool that businesses use to promote their products and connect with clients and buyers through the use of weekly emails to their mailing list. As a musician, I am more than an artist who makes music. Rather, I am a product, a brand that needs to be promoted and ultimately sold to those buy my type of music. According to an article on the website visual.ly, email marketing is the number one channel for promotion that successful businesses use. Having a strong email list can ultimately lead to more traffic, business, and sales. Since I have begun using email marketing to promote my music, it has been easier for me to identify the five important reasons to use email marketing.

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Five Benefits of Email Marketing

These five benefits have been able to help me build a stronger connection and business relationship with fans.

  1.  Cost effective- I value the fact that email marketing is very cheap for me to use as a way of promoting my music. I am able to email my list directly from my Gmail account and manage my contacts from the account as well. It costs me absolutely nothing to set up a Gmail account and it also costs me nothing to manage my mailing list.
  2.  Easy to track- Gmail also makes it possible for me to track who has interacted with and opened my email. I am able to track my email campaign from an application called Bananatag. Bananatag is a small application powered by Google that allows me to track which email was opened and which links were clicked within the email. This gives me a clear view of which parts of my email campaign are working and which ones need work.
  3.  Global Reach- By sending out emails to promote my music, I am able to reach all of my fans on a global scale. I can send the same email to a fan in Idaho and in India. Both of my fans receive the same information at the same time(unlike Facebook or Twitter) without any delay in time zones or being logged into a certain site.
  4.  Interactive- This is my favorite part about email marketing. I am able to interact and connect with each of my fans on my mailing list at my own discretion. I can send out an email promoting a new single I just released and send this out to over 1,000 people in just one click. I am able to share my musical creations with everyone without leaving my studio.
  5.  Branding- Last, but not least, email marketing helps to brand an artist and their business. Artists usually make a living trying to sell their music to fans. In order to be successful and make a profit, fans must have proper branding. Branding is making yourself a marketable product which will lead to more sales and more traffic to your sites. I build my brand with email marketing by promoting my music, writing informative music articles for other artists that are my fans, and giving my fans free items like a music download, discount, or a chance to win merchandise. I am making a household name for my business and building a relationship with fans.


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The Five Benefits of Email Marketing

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