If you are aware of the true power of Facebook and you are aware of the rapidly increasing importance of viral marketing, then I would like to share with you an application that carries with it the potential of revolutionizing the social media marketing industry.

Social OutbreakĀ will be released amid massive anticipation in June. The moment word began to get out about the power of what Social Outbreak was going to offer, there were immediate shock waves being felt throughout Facebook with incredible numbers of people inquiring as to just what the capabilities of this new application will be.

So what is Social Outbreak?

Social Outbreak is a social media marketing technology designed as an application for Facebook.

So what exactly does Social Outbreak do?

Social Outbreak allows you to easily create professional looking 100% custom designed Facebook fan pages and sidebars through the use of the pre-designed templates available for you to select from. The capability of what can be produced with Social Outbreak will rival fan pages of major corporations who have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for their pages. Users will have the ability to modify the look and feel of their pages with just a few simple clicks and be able to add important information, photos, or videos in just a few minutes, rather than have to wait days, or even weeks, for a web designer to make the requested modifications, and these modifications are done at a mere fraction of the cost of a web designer.

What about the viral marketing that was mentioned? Social Outbreak is designed with some of the most cutting edge interactive technology ever seen on Facebook. When a visitor comes to your site, you are immediately notified by email that there is a visitor on your site and includes their email address, but that’s not all, an email from you is immediately automatically sent to the visitor thanking them for visiting your site. The email that is sent is fully customizable and can be modified to send a message of your creation. Additionally a news feed goes on the profile wall of the visitor to let their friends know they were visiting your site. When their friends click on the link on the visitors profile wall, the process repeats and you have a new visitor and a new news feed goes on that visitors profile wall. This is how your fan page begins to go viral.

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Can I become a distributor of Social Outbreak?

Social Outbreak operates on a network marketing platform and utilizes a 3×9 matrix with 7 different methods of earning an income. Members of Social Outbreak have the opportunity to not only have access to the technology, which is worth the cost in itself, but also the opportunity to earn an income by sharing the technology and building an organization. Members who utilize the business opportunity of Social Outbreak are referred to as Media Consultants.

What is the cost to become a member of Social Outbreak?

Individuals can become a member with full access to all the tools and technology of Social Outbreak for as little as $100 for the membership cost and $50 monthly thereafter. These costs include the business opportunity of being a Media Consultant for Social Outbreak.

In the age of technology and in the current economic status the world is in, it is refreshing to see an application with such state of the art features being made available to the public eliminating the necessity of having to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a professional looking presence in the social media industry. Social Outbreak is not only an extremely powerful tool, but it is a simple, fun, and exciting way to skyrocket your status in the social media marketing industry.



Social Outbreak: the Hot New Viral Marketing Facebook Application

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