As I begin into a new career adventure of sales, I find that I am overwhelmed by the negative stereotypes associated with the product I’m selling. To avoid becoming overwhelmed and discouraged, I have forced myself to focus on the positive aspects of my product and how word of mouth may be the key marketing tool for my product.

In sales, I’ve learned there will be those who are interested in my product, those who are seriously disinterested and those who sit on the fence, easily swayed either direction. My focus, therefore, as a new sales representative, is to focus on those who are interested, work to sway those who are on the fence, and avoid the debate and negativity associated with negative comments, stereotypes and attitude.

In my research of marketing, I’ve learned that, on average, there will be three individuals who are eagerly waiting to hear about my product with an astounding number, to the tune of over 30 individuals, who want to attack my product with negativity. With these statistics, my new career in sales and marketing may leave me often feeling frustrated and fatigued. Because I can not control the “talk factor” of my product, to a great extent, I must learn to focus on what I can control and move forward.

Here is the dynamic that is interesting about this 3:33 ratio. As a good sales and marketing representative, it is my job to not only sale and market my product but also service the product after the sale. In trying to encourage a strategy of “word of mouth” marketing, it is the service after the sale that will guide my clientele base into a stronger network. In fact, the 3:33 ratio is certainly applicable in my post sales realm in which my great service may foster an additional handful of leads but, it is the negative service and poor outcomes that will destroy my product label with most unhappy customers voicing opinions more strongly and eagerly; to the tune of over 25 to 30 people. In other words, while good customer service can steer new leads my direction, it is the negative feedback and poor customer service that will destroy my efforts.

Because most talk among society is negative, there is a constant need, in the sales and marketing industry, to offset the negativity of the world and move in a positive direction. For this reason, as part of my new career in sales and marketing, I’ve learned I must inundate myself with continual positive feedback, self starter audio and visual aides and use motivational seminars to my advantage. Beyond these personal tools, I must reach out to my client base and obtain feedback on how best to organize and improve my business, in hopes of reducing negative talk and create more positive leads for my product.



Sales & Marketing: Overcoming Negative Feedback

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