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Have you ever been approached by someone you know or even don’t know about a business opportunity where you can be financially independent in 2-4 years? What goes through your head when they say :”How would you like the freedom to do what you want to do for only a few hours a week? It is easy and I will show you how!!” Like many people, the word “Scam” comes to mind. How is it possible to be financially independent for a few hours a week? Is everyone else really stupid for working over 40 hours a week just to keep the job that pays them just enough to get by? The world of network marketing is exactly what we are talking about. The amateurs in this business act more like sales people and will take the first opportunity to sell you a product which may not fit your needs. The network marketing business model is not only a legitimate business model, it can also pay you handsomely but there are some things that you hear which may not exactly be true:

“It is really easy” – Anyone who says this wants to suck you in. Network marketing can be easier for some people but there is no-one out there who finds this business very easy to do. Conducting yourself as a business person who needs to build rapport and develop relationships rather than being the pushy salesperson you feel like running over takes a lot of discipline. You must really put the needs of your clients before your own.

“It takes just a few hours a week” – You will be initially running this business on the side to accommodate your full time job but even a few hours you will find is not enough. Don’t be surprised if 20 hours a week does not seem enough. There is a lot of work behind the scenes like educating yourself.

“You only need a few good people” – To talk to a few really good people, you need to go through at least 100 people who may not have seen the opportunity.

Network marketing is about believing in a particular product so much that you see distributing this product as a viable way to achieve a residual income and finding a few people who believe in the same idea. For this, you are not selling but passing on the good experiences you have felt with the products you sell and educating your prospects of the benefits of these products. They may either become your customer and receive products on a monthly basis or decide to join you in your business and earn a residual income.

These good experiences sell your products because although the facts can tell you that these vitamins are the best in the market, the story of a customer having a great experience with your product is a compelling reason to take a closer look at what you have to offer. If this is all it is, why isn’t everyone doing it? Just like not everyone is open to trading shares, not everyone is prepared to try someone new and look like a fool because they think they failed. The concept of network marketing is not new. We practice this philosophy every day without getting paid a cent. For example, when we tell our friend that we thought this film was great, he trusted us enough to take a look at the film and when he found it good enough to view, he told his friend that it was good enough to view. Whenever we go to that great restaurant, read that great book or shop at this clothing store, we are passing on the experiences, not telling the facts. In network marketing you cannot take short cuts and the more time and energy you spend on yourself, the more return you will receive. In addition, by helping people in your business get what they want, you get what you want because you earn what they earn. The return on energy pays dividends when everybody wins.

Although network marketing is not easy, it is not the most difficult thing to do. Every behaviour and action for your success can be learnt and if you are dedicated, your actions will reap fruit sooner.


Network Marketing: Financial Freedom or Major Headache?

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