When it comes to article marketing how you choose your keywords are important just as how you use them too. What you choose and how you place the keywords will make all the difference when it comes to using article marketing to drive traffic to your website.

The first thing you need to understand is how the keywords are selected. You need to select keywords that match your niche. However, if you’re just starting out you need to choose keywords that fit your niche but that is not highly competed. You need to understand you won’t get the first-page ranking for your niche with the top searched keyword just starting out. So choose keywords that are searched but are not highly competed by other websites. Once you choose your keywords optimize your website for those keywords.

Once you have your keywords you want to start writing your articles or if you are not good at writing hire a writing firm to write them for you. It’s hard for a business to just be starting out to afford to hire anyone. However, if you look hard enough you’ll find a few companies out there that make it affordable for new companies. If you choose to write them yourself, place the keyword in the title and in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Then spread the keywords out in the middle and last paragraphs of the article. You want to shoot for a 2% keyword density. No more than that or your article can be flagged for spamming.

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Once you have finished the article you need to know where to publish the article. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that lets you post free content. However, these places have rules. The articles have to be informative and not rubbish. They have to give the reader information that will teach them something. Plus you want the article to be good for the fact it’s representing your company or your name. The articles will have your name on them, so make them good.

For that reason alone most people leave article writing up to the professionals. Nevertheless, most new businesses can’t afford to spend money so they try themselves to practice article marketing and to no avail fail. So if you want to try it out yourself take these tips in this article and put them to practice or leave it to the professionals like writing Services.


How to Use Article Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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