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As a network marketer you need to learn how to build a profitable network marketing list from which you can earn lots of cash for years to come. Of course you wont be selling stuff all the time, you would also be giving valuable information and help others as well. As the saying goes, give others what they want and you will get what you want.

There are a couple of ways to build your network marketing list and we will be looking at 3 ways and their advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Purchase leads lists online

There are a lot of mlm and business opportunity lists being sold online. Some are sold in small quantities while others are sold in the thousands and millions of email addresses. What people do is do bulk mailing campaigns with these types of leads and hope that they will have a good response.

The problem with these leads are they have been recycled and sold multiple times. The quality of this list is very low because those in the list have already received many offers and pitches. Sending bulk mailings can also get you accused of spam and can get you in trouble with your ISP or with your program.

So stay away from these types of list, you will just be wasting your money and effort if you do this.

Ezine and solo ad generated lists

With this method you will advertise your ad using ezines or solo ad companies where your ad is sent out to an ezine list of people interested in earning extra income from home. People who like your ad will click on your link and opt-in to your lead capture page. To make this list building technique effective you have to consistently send out solo ads.

The down side to this method is it can be expensive and you are not guaranteed good results. You need to test each ezine or solo ad sent out and it varies. Some ezine lists are responsive and some are not depending on your ad and ad copy.

This can be an effective method to build your network marketing list if you have some money to spend and you can afford to do ad tests.

Use Funded Proposal to build your list

With the Funded Proposal you will not be directly promoting your main opportunity. What you will do is give valuable information and training to other network marketers how to generate leads for their business. Network marketers are more likely to respond to your ad if you offer them free training and marketing strategies to help them.

Some of them will join your primary opportunity but others would not join, but you can still monetize and make money from those that do not join your main program. This is possible when they follow the same Funded Proposal strategy which will bring you upfront cash instantly. You can then use the money you earn to get more marketing tools and ramp up your campaign.

The Funded Proposal is the best way to build a profitable network marketing list. Be sure to look for the best out there and research each system before you join and apply these techniques.



How to Build a Profitable Network Marketing List

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