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Email marketing and its related marketing counterpart SEM (search engine marketing), evolved one before the other, with email beginning before the Internet as we currently know it. While email started as a simple message on a shared computer connected to a mainframe that only a select group of people could access, SEM began in earnest in the mid-1990s. The reason for the explosive growth of both of these entities was mainly due to convenience and timing. As the Internet grew exponentially, so did the need to communicate with other users of the Internet and to find information quickly.

As the need for more information grew, search engines began to appear and their purpose was to facilitate easy searching for this information. A natural outcome was the monetization of the search engine results. From a business perspective, a vast new opportunity presented itself that would revolutionize marketing. Classified ads began to appear within the search engine result pages along with ads on the web pages themselves. The intent was to finance the large investments by the search engines of that time by generating profits from advertising. Google started its well-known AdWords service in 2000 and has done amazingly well since then.

As AdWords became popular, other webmasters took notice and began building websites specially designed for the optimized use of AdWords. This started the very serious and competitive arena of SEM marketing. The goal then as it is today, is to attract as many website visitors as possible to an AdWords optimized website. The obvious goal is to make money from the ads placed there.

Webmasters must overcome the obstacle of attracting visitors to their website. Without visitors, no sales are made. This is where SEM marketing becomes a vital component of a successful website in terms of marketing. Keyword research, keyword density, engaging content, proper Meta tags, effective titles, good grammar and punctuation all play an important role in website optimization which is an integral part of SEM marketing. However, another key element drives the success of the website.

Email marketing is an ongoing process of contacting past and present website visitors in order to create trust and to build relationships which add to the all-important email list. The email list is usually built over time by visitors asking to subscribe to a newsletter or some other type of email publication intended to keep the reader informed of new content on the site, or of new products available. Once a large following of loyal is readers is obtained, the webmaster can market products or services to the email list. The success of this type of marketing is typically one of the best techniques to earn money or create an even larger following if that is what is desired. In either case, the webmaster should never alienate readers by losing contact with them, but rather, regularly make contact and encourage them to look forward to new content or products.




Email Marketing and SEM – Origin and History

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