There are many different names, some call it direct selling, network marketing, relational marketing, multi level marketing, mlm, or word of mouth distribution. According to the Direct Selling Association over 100 billion dollars in sales for companies that use network marketing as their business model. Over 100 billion dollars, so it obviously works.

It is projected that over 200 million new people will enter this industry over the next few years. It is attracting people of all different backgrounds from people in many different countries all over the globe. Why? It is very appealing to be your own boss and work from home on your schedule and not someone else’s. At some point, you need to evaluate risk versus reward, investment and return on investment. Would you be interested in paying a few hundred dollars and having the potential to build a multi million dollar international business? The great thing about having international business opportunity is your not tied to your local city, state, or even country’s economy.

Business is changing. When you join a network marketing company you are being provided a system. System, save yourself stress time energy money, right. With a network marketing company you have low overhead, as little as a few hundred a month. You have no employees, no office space to worry about, no insurance and none of the other headaches that come with the traditional business model. There is a rich way of thinking and a poor way of thinking. Are you going to work smart or work hard? Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says the rich build networks and everyone else looks for work. In network marketing you can build a residual income stream that will pay you even while you don’t work which is exactly opposite of a job. Everyone is leveraging off of each efforts working together as a team. It is absolutely incredible to think by helping other people you can succeed in this business. In this business its not about you, its about helping others. With residual income & leverage you are on the right path to creating wealth.

Small business owners have it just as bad as employees. They are responsible for everything. They are the HR department, customer service, book keeper etc. etc. etc. Do you own your business or does your business own you? Ask yourself this question. Do you own your business or does your business own you. If you are able to leave your business tomorrow for 30 days and come back and be more profitable and have your business still running smooth, you own your business. If you can’t, you don’t, your business owns you. Most small business owners have a hard time getting away for a week, let alone a month.

Some of the best reasons to get involved with a network marketing company are relationships, financial security, low risk, global business, equal opportunity, recognition, travel, and income.

Not all opportunities are the same. I recommend finding a successful home business mentor


Direct Selling, MLM, Network Marketing – What Does it Offer?

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