The trend of creating videos and sharing them with people is increasing in today’s times. If you are thinking of creating one of your own, then you must consider some tips. Some people do it as a hobby while others want to earn money from it.

But, earning revenue from a YouTube channel is not easy. You have to put effort into monetizing, but the first step is creating a channel. Creating a YouTube channel has many other benefits as you get to know new people from the audience and other creators as well.

Here, you will read some tips that will help you to start an efficient channel on YouTube.

First, decide the type of content

Before you can begin the channel and proceed to further planning, think of what content you want to share with people. For this, you can study the statistics that indicate the most popular topics of the time and then select one from them, possibly the one you have more knowledge and passion about.

But whatever content you choose, ensure that you make it engaging for the audience so that people can link to that. Above all of it, content planning is important but initialize by sticking to a particular type as the popular YouTubers have certain, specific fields like travel, food, beauty tutorials, and many more.

Second, get the right equipment for the channel

Using a smartphone for recording the videos is the most common way if the camera quality is high to record the shots. But the right engagement into the videos comes with high-definition cameras and other equipment. You must invest in the DSLRs like other popular YouTubers as the video quality is one of the YouTube strategies you must keep in mind.

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The tripod stand, Lenses, and proper lighting system complement the videos. The camera and lenses are equally important as the content. Invest in buying a quality microphone so that the voice is audible to the viewers. 

Third, learn the good editing skills

Editing the videos to combine the shots into one video or remove and add some effects needs to be learned by every person who thinks of creating a channel. When you are learning about YouTube strategies, editing skills and editing software, come to the list.

You can begin with a simple software that is easy to operate and offers good editing. You can easily find such software, and you do not have to start with professional editing programs, even tho later on and once you start establishing a more advanced audience, you should look into that.

An editing program for beginners is highly user-friendly with ease of editing, and for such, I personally suggest Camtasia which also has a built-in screen recorder, in case you need it.

Fourth, connect with the subscribers and viewers

After you have created the channel, the next thing is to get the views and increase the subscribers’ number. You can promote the channel by optimizing it and creating attractive thumbnails for the videos. You have to connect with the people on the channel so they get to know you better and make replies to their comments as much as you can.

Fifth, be regular in posting the content

The YouTube algorithm promotes the channels that are active and post regularly, it is not possible to create a quality video every day, but you can upload the videos at least three times a week. Update your people on different social media platforms about the latest video so that people from all the platforms can see and watch it, and improve the channel’s growth.

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Sixth, try some advanced promotion

Lastly, if you have a budget, you should also invest on your channel to get it monetized faster or to get more organic engagement. I do not suggest buying fake traffic, as that could harm your channel, but rather rely on companies that will get your channel monetized or deliver organic services. For such, I personally suggest LenosTube, which I used to enable monetization and currently, to buy their real and english views.


People planning to create a YouTube channel must keep certain points in their minds to get eth high reach, easily. Ensure you are aware of the content that people love to watch, and the quality is the most important aspect of the video. Get high-quality equipment and dig out the best ideas from your brain, then, proceed to properly optimize and promote your content.

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