Marketing self-published books can be difficult and time consuming but it is necessary to make the book a commercial success.

Here are 7 tips to help you market your self-published book.

The most important step to marketing a self-published book is to have written a book that someone will want to read and will enjoy. Write something that has not been written before or approach common subjects from a new direction. Consider who might buy the book before it is even written and tailor the book to the audience.

Many companies that offer self-publishing services provide free or low cost marketing plans to help sell your book. It is a good idea to consider taking advantage of these services as the companies have a financial interest in your book as well. As they too have a financial interest, their services are unlikely to be a rip-off. Those contacting you from outside companies trying to sell their marketing and promotion services are likely to be rip-offs and should carefully researched before considering them.

Tell everyone that you know and everyone that you meet about your book. Find a way to work your book into the conversation and just happen to have a few with you that you can sell. Talking up your book may make you the bore of the party but it will help you sell books.

Have your book listed on as many online retailer’s websites as possible. Having the book on Amazon and eBay is a start but find others. The more places the book is listed the greater the chance of it being found and purchased.

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Set up booths as fairs, festivals, group meetings, and wherever people meet that might want to buy your book.

Advertise to targeted audiences. Even a little ad in a big city newspaper will cost in the hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. Most self-published authors simply do not have this kind of money to spend on advertising. It is a better use of your advertising budget to get your book in front of the right people through collector newsletters, small local papers (if your book has a regional topic), and related websites.

Give away free copies to those who might influence others. Getting your book reviewed is a great way to sell books but you may have to send it to many reviewers to get it reviewed. Again, smaller and more targeted book reviewers will have the best results.

These 7 tips are just the start of a successful marketing plan for your self published book. Use these and find more that will help you sell more books.



7 Tips for Marketing Self-Published Books

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